Monday, February 11, 2013

Today is the Day!


Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day.  Please before you skip over the rest, I just want to ask that you continue reading for a little bit longer.  This is important to so many people.

A quick disclaimer….. I do NOT work for Bell nor do I have any other connection to them  This is not about them….it is about their effort that they have put into this.  I am only doing this because they are willing to take a stand and do a part…no matter how big or small. 

Very few of us can say we are unaffected by a mental health illness.  One of the biggest hurdles to overcome for anyone with a mental illness is the stigma associated with it.  It is the leading reason why 2/3 of all those living with a mental illness do not seek help. 

Today Bell will donate 5¢ more to programs dedicated to mental health, for every text or long distance call with a Bell provider.  If you do not have Bell, that is not an issue.  They are also donated 5¢ more for every tweet that contains the hash tag #BellLetsTalk, and for every facebook share of their Bell Lets Talk image.  You can find this – HERE on the Bell facebook page.  (You do not need to like the page in order to share it. )

Thank you for continuing to read to the end.  I am not sure there is an easier way to raise money than to talk and text.  Please help me spread the word.

If you are interested, I have created a kit for you that was inspired by eating disorders.  Although it is not really an eating disorder kit.  There are only 4 themed elements in this kit.  The rest of the kit can be used for any other event, or everyday life.  I do ask that you follow my terms of use, and use it for personal use only.

Just click on the links below the preview to download them.

BC_EDA_Elements Preview




Let’s Talk,



  1. Thank you so much for the free kit. I have gone to the Bell Facebook page and shared the post. Thank you so much for sharing this information!