Tuesday, July 30, 2013

$2 Tuesday–July 30, 2013


Tuesday is here again and that means that Stuff to Scrap has their $2 Tuesday all set up.  Here is a sample on what you can find, as well as a few past freebies.

Leaving a Legacy Designs has Life’s a Beach on sale for $2 today.  I also wanted to remind you that while she is away on vacation her entire store is 20% off, and you can find freebies on Tina’s Blog (HERE), Diana’s Blog (HERE) and Robin’s Blog (HERE)  Since my power was off and on last week, I don’t have a new freebie for you, but I do have several freebies that I have already posted, so I decided to link them all up in this post.  So if you missed them before, you can grab them now.

Life's a BeachLife's a Beach Quickpages

Leaving a Legacy Designs - Life's a Beach - Border Freebie 2 PreviewLeaving a Legacy Designs - Life's a Beach - Frame Freebie PreviewLeaving a Legacy Designs - Life's A Beach - Freebie Border PreviewLeaving a Legacy Designs - Life's a Beach - Word Art Freebie PreviewLeaving a Legacy Designs - Life's a Beach - Wordart Freebie Preview

Mommy Me Time Scrapper has Jungle Stories, and the Jungle Stories Cardstock and Glitter Pack both on sale for $2.

Jungle Stories - SafariJungle Stories - Cardstocks and Glitter

I am off for a day in Toronto.  Meeting up with a friend that I haven’t seen in 3 years.  Its about time! 


Sunday, July 28, 2013



Kimberly of Leaving a Legacy Designs is taking a much deserved vacation by the beach.  While she is away her store is on sale (20% off!), and her CT has some freebies for you.  Today you can find a freebie on Tina’s Blog.  Click HERE to head over there.

beach sale


Saturday, July 27, 2013



I am coming to you later in the day, as I allowed myself to sleep in.  There was no beeping construction trucks at 7am, and it has cooled off a lot since Monday.  Today I get to show you the newest kit in Romajos Project 12.  July is filled with muted colours that work wonderfully with the bright photos of summer.  Here it is:


Here is my layout, as well as another cluster for you.  To download it, just click on the preview below.

Romajo - P12 - July - SummerRomajo - P12 July - Cluster Freebie Preview

I wish you a wonderful weekend,


Saturday, July 20, 2013

RWB–2 New Kits


Our Red, White and Blue month continues.  Today we travel to Europe.  More specifically Britain and the Netherlands (The county in which Romajo resides).  Before I show you the new kits, I want to remind you that her entire store is on sale for 50% off in celebration of her daughters birthday.  The sale ends at approximately 12pm on Friday.  (The end date on the flyer is based on the time in the Netherlands)


Now on to the new kits.  Here are “Best of Britain” and “Dutch Delight”:


I have been to England when I was 10, so I scrapped a few pictures from a double decker bus tour that we took.  I have not been to the Netherlands, so I used that kit to scrap the black raspberries in my backyard.  Please note that I also used parts of the Red, White, and Blue: Basics paper packs. 

Romajo - Best of Britain - Sightseeing LondonRomajo - Dutch Delight - Berry Delight

We have had a major (and fast) storm last night.  Many trees were uprooted, and the power has been out in many parts of town.  (Luckily mine stayed on.)  I woke up at 6, and now at 9am it is so dark it looks to be only 5am outside.  The sky is black – yet no rain yet.  The house has a chance to cool down this morning – YAY – as it was getting close to 38 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit) upstairs.  Needless to say, I am off to cool off outside.  Enjoy your Saturday,


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Upcoming Events


There is a bunch of events and a sale happening in the upcoming weeks, so I thought I would combine it all in one post.  I am sure that more will pop up, but for now this is what I know.

First up are the speed Scraps:

The Scrappy Kat is hosting a speed scrap on Friday, and has this sneak peek of her participation prize.  I wonder what it is?


And on Saturday morning there is one hosted by Shel Belle Scraps.  The participation prize is this Outlined Kraft Alpha.


Romajo is having a sale in honour of her daughters 9th birthday.  I also want to point out that the start and end dates are not EST but the Netherlands, which are approximately 6 hours ahead of EST


Leaving a Legacy Designs is continuing her 12 Days of Christmas in July.  Make sure to check out her blog daily so that you don’t miss out on all the goodies.


Mommy Me Time Scrapper is hosting a few games of BINGO on July 27th.  I typed out all of the details on the flyer below.

BINGO copy

Flyer Reads:

Join us on Saturday, July 27 @ 10amCST/11amEST in Mommy Me Time Scrappers Facebook Chatroom for a few games of BINGO!!

The BINGO cards template can be found on Mommy Me Time Scrappers facebook page.  (Just click HERE – I linked it up for you)  You will need to decorate your BINGO card with any Mommy Me Time Scrappers kit and your choose of numbers from 1-50 and upload it into her gallery over at Stuff to Scrap before 11pmCST/12pmEST Friday night.

We will play three games and that means three prizes.  You are playing for coupons and the “Sunshine, Rainbows and Lollipops” kit (used to make this flier).

So, get your cards made and uploaded and we will see you Saturday morning!!

Also a reminder that Stuff to Scrap is looking for some Designers and Quality Checkers to join their amazing team.  See the flyers below. 


Lots of stuff happening!  I hope that you can participate in a few of them,


2 Scoops


Today I had my first banana split in over 3 years.  It was bittersweet to say the least.  I used MDK Scraps July BAK pieces called 2 Scoops to scrap this memory.  (I have also included the journaling below)

mdk_2scoops_prevelements2 Scoops - Papersmdk_2scoops_prevAO2 Scoops - Alpha

Before I forget, you can also grab this freebie from her facebook page:


and now for my layout:

MDK Scraps - 2 Scoops - Not the Same

The journaling reads:

I miss sharing a banana split with you.  This is the first time that I have had one since you left.  It has been over three years since we last shared one.  So today as I happened to drive by I stopped.  I noticed right away that I still set it down on the table in the middle of two spots and unintentionally only ate from “my side” until I realized that you were not there.  I hope that we can share one again the next time you are near.

This layout was for my Mom.  She moved across to the other end of the country.  I always hope to see her soon.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Stuff to Scrap is Expanding–Looking for Designers and Quality Checkers


Stuff to Scrap currently has calls for designers and Quality Checkers.  See the flyers below for all the information. (I made them extra big so that you can read them without difficulty.



$2 Tuesday–July 16, 2013


I am typing this up quickly again.  They are starting construction immediately in front of our house today, and I can’t guarantee that I will still have power come 7am.  At least the crew has been amazing (and are getting use to having their pictures taken!)

It is $2 Tuesday at Stuff to Scrap, and here are a few of the kits you can find on sale today.

Piccolina Designs as combined the pieces of her May BAK, Be-You-tiful and is now offering it as a full kit.  Even better is that she has it on sale for only $2 today.


Continuing on with her 12 Days of Christmas in July Leaving a Legacy Designs has Joyful Noise on sale today.  Remember to check our her blog – HERE - for all the activities and sales that will take place.  You can find a few freebies over there today as well.

Joyful Noise

Mommy Me Time Scrapper has Sea Life and the Sea Life Quickpages on sale. 

Sea LifeSea Life - Quickpages

Have a wonderful day. 


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Christmas in July–Day 1


It is the first day of Leaving a Legacy Designs 12 Days of Christmas in July.  Each day for the next 12 she will be posting events, coupons, freebies, sales and games.  To find out how you can earn $6 to her store, just click on the flyer below to check out her blog with all of the information.



Saturday, July 13, 2013

12 Days of Christmas (Yes it is July!)



I will be back tomorrow with the first day,


Fireworks for Freedom and Bonjour Bastille


You are just in time for another Red, White and Blue release from Romajo.  This week she has traveled to the United States, and France in her designing.  She also has two more Red, White and Blue paper packs added to the store.  You can pick up these new releases for 50% off until Friday Night.  ($1.50 for the mini kits, and $1 for the paper packs.)  Here they are:



I have been to France once when I was 10 years old. We were visiting family in England and took a day trip by boat over to Boulogne. I was the only one who could speak any French. – Thanks to French Immersion in school –  It was fun trying to see if I could speak and understand it correctly.  Thankfully most people there spoke English so there were no big mix ups.  I have been to the United States a few times.  I have family in Windsor and we would cross the border and do some shopping.  I don’t have pictures from then though.  I have however taken a cruise which left from New York.  I must say I would not like to drive there…..EVER!  I know that they are good drivers, but things were a little too fast, to swervy (not a real word, but it is the only one that comes to mind!) and a little too close to other cars, and pedestrians.  I did manage to take some photos, and some of them actually turned out!  Here are my layouts:

Romajo - Bonjour Bastille - FranceRomajo - Fireworks for Freedom - What a View

I can’t wait to see where our adventure leads to next weekend. 


Friday, July 12, 2013

Real Boy


They have done it again.  Mommy Me Time Scrapper and Growing Pains Scrapped have teamed up to bring you another collab!  Real Boy was inspired by Pinocchio.  You can currently find it for 40% off, so let your conscience be your guide, and head on over to the store.  All of the products previews are linked.

Real BoyGPS_MMTS_RealBoy_PreviewQPReal Boy - Cardstock and GlitterReal Boy - Jounal Cards

Here is a layout I did, as well as a freebie that you can grab.  Just click on the preview below to start the download.

Mommy Me Time Scrapper - Real Boy - CreatingMommy Me Time Scrapper - Real Boy - Wordart Freebie Preview

You can also find some more freebies on the blog of Mommy Me Time Scrapper (HERE) as well as on her facebook page (HERE)


Bad to the Bone


Bad to the Bone is all about the pooches in our lives and all of the things that accompany them, from dog houses to balls for playing catch.  You can pick it up for 30% off all weekend.  Take a look:


Here is what I did with this kit:

Leaving a Legacy Designs - Bad to the Bone - Girls Best FriendLeaving a Legacy Designs - Bad to the Bone - Bark

If you head on over to the Leaving a Legacy Blog (HERE) you can pick up a free coordinating alpha!