Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Little of This, A Little of That

I am sitting here curled up alternating between books and my computer as it snows outside.  It is a bad pain day unfortunately, so my New Years Eve will be quite quiet, which I don't mind really.    I thought I would take this time to show you what I have been scrapping lately.  I would love to also see what you have been scrapping lately.   Feel free to show me in the comments. 

Boy Zone was perfect for layouts featuring Declyn, my great nephew.   I really loved the strong colours, and that it was full of boyish elements.   Lots of gears, stars and word strips.

                  Tinci Designs                                                          Scrapping with Liz
Font:  DJB Tweenybopper

Live Love Sparkle caught my eye because the shades of pink and purple, as well as the theme.  My great niece Serena (in the first layout) is quite and shy when you first meet her, but once she has time to know you the smiles come out.   I loved this photo of her with her huge smiling face, and I knew that the word art "Don't let anyone ever dull your Sparkle" was perfect for it.   I really love how everything came together.   For the second layout I dug into the vault and found some photos of Serena's Mom when she was little.   I love how the sun softened the photos and made them glow.  I knew that they would also work well with this kit.

                  Tinci Designs                                                             Designs

Live Love Sparkle Bundle at the Lilypad

The Christmas, YAY Bundle really spoke to me this Christmas.   Also included in this bundle is the Christmas, UGH kit.    It really summed up what I was feeling this year.   Part of me was just waiting for Christmas to be over.   I had gotten some bad news the day before Christmas Eve, and I couldn't stop it from seeping into Christmas.   It was also my great niece, Savanna, first Christmas.  She and her Mom had a scary delivery two months ago, which almost lost them both, so she really is a healthy Christmas miracle.   Both her and her Mom are doing so much better, although her Mom is dealing with postpartum depression.

                  Created by Jill                                                           Scrap Art
Font:  DJB Its Full of Dots                                        Font:  Kaitlyn 

My Dad celebrated his birthday the end of November.   On that day I forgot my camera! (I don't think I have been anywhere without one of my cameras in a number of years.   My cell was even left at home.)  So I called him and asked him to get a photo of him with the rest of his cake.   Now I wasn't holding my breath at this request.   90% of the photos I have of him are with his hands across his face, or his hat, or another object.   It is rare to get a photo where you can see his face.  He decided to have some fun with the photos and dug out the LARGEST knife and fork he could find.   He sat down and looks ready to carve a large turkey instead of half of a small birthday cake, and my Uncle took the photos.  I couldn't have asked for better.   It captured his personality perfectly.   The other layout is of my niece with three of her children playing with Snapchat.   How can you not have fun being turned into puppy dogs, and deer!

                  Scrap Art                                                                     Designs
                                                                                    Font:  Kaitlyn

Last but certainly not least, I found a Valentines kit called Loads of Love.   I knew I didn't want to use it for Valentines (at least not yet), but loved the cars, trucks, and tractors in this kit.  My great nephew, Declyn, out grew his crib (by figuring out how to get out of it) and got a big boy CAR bed this Christmas.   He was so excited and so far loves to sleep in it.   Declyn also got a huge car track for Christmas.   This track grows with him, and when it is set up as a tower it is taller than he is.   But it can also be transformed into a lower track.   This kit was perfect for showing them off.

Kit:  Loads of Love by Bella Gypsy                           Kit:  Loads of Love by Bella Gypsy
                  Scrapping with Liz                                                      Dee Dee Designs
Font:  KG Primary Whimsy                                         Font:  DJB Crazy Goofy Cool

So that is what I have been up too, scrapping wise at least.   I wish you a Happy New Year's Eve/New Year's Day, and a full year of memories,


Monday, December 19, 2016

Snap Happier and Everybody Loves Christmas

Unless we warm up here, it will definitely be a White Christmas.  We have had snow, snow and more snow, with a touch of rain and freezing rain.    The trees are nicely covered in white, along with everything else.  The roads are yucky for lack of a better word.   With snow squalls and slippery roads there have been many roads closed, and many accidents on the ones that remained open.   My Mom, sister and I went to see the Illusionists on Broadway.  It was a show consisting of seven magicians all of who focused on a different aspect of magic.   It was amazing to see, and I really enjoyed it.

Here is one of the photos I took on the way to see the show.   These are much prettier and sparkly than the scary accidents.

Font:  DJB Holly Serif

Here is the kit I used:

I also scrapped two other layouts with this collection so far.   The first is a photo of each of the cats I owned celebrating Christmas, and the second is another layout showing off another of my snowmen.

                   by Scrapping with Liz

I also scrapped some Christmas memories using the latest Snap Happier edition, December 2016.   I loved all of the shades of blue and green together and loved using this kit.  

The first page is of my Christmas tree growing up.   Starting when I started school, my Mom and I would hand make ornaments every year.   Some would go on the tree, some would be donated to those who didn't have a tree, and some we would share with family and friends.  It was to the point where there was not a single branch (front or back) that didn't have something hanging from it.   It was filled with so many memories.

Font:  DJB Fresh Start

The second is of my towns Christmas tree.  This is the first time I have gotten a photo of it covered in snow.   It was so pretty.  This is the way I love my snow!

Font:  DJB Fresh Start

So as I am posting and showing off some of the things that this time of year brings, I am now asking you....What are some traditions you do this time of year, or memories you have.   They don't have to be Christmas related, but more December related since there are so many celebrations this time of year.


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Everything Nice

My fourth great niece was born back in October, 7 weeks early.  She couldn't breathe on her own, yet was otherwise healthy.   She jumped that hurtle and started breathing on her own the next day.   Then she got jaundice.   So under the lights she went.   And once that was under control she still needed to learn how to eat, or rather drink.   They guessed that she would be in NICU for at least a month when she was first born, and yet she fought and fought, and was released from hospital two weeks after her early arrival.    Her name is Savanna, and she has already shown just how strong she is.

I got to see her for the first time last month.   And to hold her.   She is still so tiny, yet is growing healthily.  At the time she was only opening her eyes when she was hungry, and I was lucky enough to be there to catch a glimpse of her dark blue eyes.  

I was taking a look through Bella Gypsy's store over at The Lilypad, and this collection just jumped out at me as the perfect kit to scrap the photos from this day.

Here is a look at the collection:

This first layout is of me holding sweet Savanna for the first time.   It is amazing how fast children can tightly grasp your heart. 

And here is a layout of all of the expressions I managed to capture during that short visit. 

While I was there I also got to spend time with one of Savanna's sisters, Serena.  Here are the two of us reading a story.  Serena would help me find and count the animals.   She loves to read, and to be read to.

I love how these turned out, and there is still so much more in the collection to scrap more pages.  


Monday, December 12, 2016

Oh What Fun

Since I don't have kids of my own, I have decided to scrap some "Elf" adventures that are happening at a friends house.   (She doesn't know it - at least not yet)  I decided to keep it pretty simple by my standards.  I am going to be using a collection by Bella Gypsy Designs called Oh What Fun to created the book.  I loved the bright colours and variety of patterned papers and elements. 

You can find it HERE

                                          Find it HERE                                     Find it HERE

With the different patterns, I am able to change out the background page to add some variety to the book.   I am also using the Oh What Fun Festivities on these pages to keep track of the day of the month.  Here are two days of their Elf adventures.   If you are interested in seeing the rest, just pop me a note.   I don't want to overload you with 24 days worth unless you want to see them!

Fonts:  DJB Bailey and AR Berkley

I have a kitten who will be celebrating her first Christmas this year.   The first year my older cat, Bumblebee, celebrated her first Christmas I took her to get a photo of her with Santa.   I decided to do the same with Sadie this year.  A local dance studio was offering photos with Santa, and after a few emails, they said that they would also take them with pets.  So I bundled both of them up.   Here are the photos.   Sadie loved Santa's bells and would stare at them, so we got a great photo of her wide eyes.   Bumblebee was a nervous kitty.   She started her visit with Santa by trying to run and hide behind him.   So we tried to keep her "hidden" and just got her head popping out.   Then I tried to get one of my fur-family.   So I hopped into the photo with Bee.   I was trying not to break out laughing as I held Bee.   She was trying to decided whether to climb over my shoulder, or try to hid under Mrs. Claus hat.   Sadie just sat there as if nothing was happening.   I will definitely cherish these photos.....and will most likely skip seeing Santa for a while!

Kit:  Oh What Fun Collection by Bella Gypsy Designs
(On Sale for only $1 for a pack of 4 until December 16th)
Font:  KG When Oceans Rise

I love the wooden distressed papers in this collection!  Also, here is a preview of the template set - You can only find it right now at Gotta Pixel for only $1 for a limited time, but will be available at Digital Scrapbooking Studio (The Studio) at a later date, and I can't say if the price will be that low.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.   We are currently getting snow, lots of snow.   Part of me loves how everything looks covered in white, the other part knows I have to do a bit of traveling today and am a little worried what the roads may be like when I have to leave. 

Until later,

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Holly Jolly Holiday

I know that I am been absent from my blog for a while.   Life and craziness pretty much sums it up.   I even took a break from scrapping.   But I am back doing that, so thought I would show you some of the layouts I have been working on.

One of the albums I am working on is about all of the Christmas traditions that we have done, past and present.   So I have been working on that.  

I got the chance to work with Holly Jolly Holiday by Bella Gypsy Designs to create the following pages.   Here is a glimpse at the preview.   It was just released yesterday, so you can still grab it on sale (at the time of this post.)

My love of snowmen probably began with this gift.   A brother and sister, along with their Mom hand made this set of snowmen for me.   I fell in love with them.   Now every Christmas you will see snowmen appearing in my home.

Template:  One-derful #10 by Heartstrings Scrap Art
Font:  Janda Snickerdoodle Serif

Another tradition is going over to a local park that always sets up a large light display, including many animated ones.  (You will probably see another page or two with more lights!)  This two page spread didn't even break the surface.
Template:  Remind Me (Double Page) by Dear Friends Designs
Font:   DJB Bailey

Christmas is also a time to celebrate with my fur-babies.  This is Bumblebee.   She was not fond of the hat (and it really was too small for her head).   She kept it on long enough for me to grab three shots, than proceeded to take it off, and chew it, shake it, fling it around the room.  So I gave up on the hat, cut of the elastic and she had a Christmas toy that she loved to play with.

Template:  Template Revisited 53 by Scrapping With Liz (Currently free on her blog)

I hope to see more of you soon.  Feel free to leave me a comment, I would love to hear from you,

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

October Scraps N Pieces Blog Train

Glad you stopped by again.   Before I get to the blog train, I want to show off my first Great Nephew, Declyn, who was born the end of September.  His two older sisters Kailey (3) and Serena (2.5) adore him and love to be Mommy's little helpers.

 photo 12112445_10156122654345603_8900573107532365884_n_zpsdzvwcig6.jpg

October is one of my favourite months as I love the cooler nights, and the vivid colours that the leaves turn.  Plus being Canadian means we get to celebrate Thanksgiving this month too.   The colour palette for the Blog Train reminded me of the leaves, and flannel that makes its appearance; So I created this alpha for you.   You can download it by clicking the link below the image.

 photo BC_Autumn_Alpha_Preview_zpsp1w9mmts.jpg

Here are the rest of the stops for more coordinating goodies:

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Until next time,

Monday, September 14, 2015

September Scraps N Pieces Blog Train

I got bit by the designing bug this month, and have created for the Scraps N Pieces Blog Train this month. It has been a struggle of a year, but my bright spot though out it all has been a mischievous little cat by the name of Bumblebee. She fit into my life like a piece of a puzzle. She also brings a whole new meaning to my blog name, "Flight of the Bumblebeee"! So she was my inspiration for this kit. It will only be available for a short while, so grab it while you can. While you are at it, follow the train and collect some coordinating pieces.

 photo BC_Mis_Preview_zpsbsjtelp0.jpg

I know there is a spelling mistake, seems my furball wanted to add her own touch, but since I had everything done before noticing it, it will remain.   I would love to see any layouts you create with it.

Here are the rest of the stops: