Tuesday, May 29, 2012

$2 Tuesday

Before I begin the post today, I wanted to say I am sorry.   I had scheduled a post for yesterday with a Memorial Day freebie that Marieke of Romajo made, but for some reason it didn't post.  So if you are interested, please continue to read after this post is done.  Sorry everyone.  

So, another Tuesday as come again and that means lots of sales at Stuff to Scrap.  (Images of kits are all linked)

This week is full of lots of variety.  Let's keep this short, and move right on to the kits!

First up are some kits from Leaving a Legacy Design.  She has 3 products in the sale this week.  First up is Hint of Spring.  Hint of Spring is a great kit for scrapping those sweet spring moments.  I love the colour palette of this kit.

The next kit is called Saucy.  It is a terrific kit that focuses on PIZZA!  Perfect for those pizza nights.

The next kit by Leaving a Legacy Design is the Saucy Quickpages.  The perfect addition to anyone's stash.

I had a bit of time tonight, so I made a layout using Saucy by Leaving a Legacy Designs.  I was shocked to find that I had no pizza pictures on my computer at the moment.  I couldn't believe it.  I still wanted to make a layout about my love of pizza, so here is what I did.

Next up are some kits by Mommy Me Time Scrapper.  This week she has all of the portions of last years July BAK.  However, since she is the Featured Designer this week at STS ALL of her products are on sale for 50% off.   So these kits would have been $2, but for a few more days they are on sale for $1 each!  Take a look:

She also has the quick pages:

I put all parts of the kit together and made the following layout about my Grandmothers garden.  I also used a template from Cluster Me by Meagan's Creations.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day

Well I did have this scheduled to post on Monday morning.  But since it is now Tuesday morning and it still isn't posted, I guess I did something wrong.  :(  So here is the post that should have been!

In honor of Memorial Day, Marieke of Romajo has a new freebie on her blog.  (image is linked)

It looks like it is going to be a day for water here.  Expected to get up to 39C  (about 102F)  and this is way above what we should be getting now.  Actually even hotter than most days in the middle of summer! So I am off to stay cool.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

2 New Kits, a Freebie, and a Sneak Peek

Hi everyone.  I am just getting home and settled after a nice long crop tonight.  For some reason I forget how much fun they are.  (Maybe it has something to do with the fact that tonight will be different and I will scrap something.  I haven't quite learned how to talk, and scrap at the same time!)  So now that it is 3am here I thought that I would get this post all ready for you early.  I am even posting another freebie today.  Can you believe it.  2 months ago when I started this blog I had said that I would have any, and now look at me go!  So without further ado let me show you todays kits.  Both of these kits were created by Marieke at Romajo's Scrap. 

The first one is called Express Yourself Vol. 1 Don't be fooled by the picture.  There are actually 37 word arts, and one blank one.  They are very versatile.  (images are linked)

Here is what I did with it.
Used Skylar's Dream by Missy's Bits and Express Yourself Vol 1 by Romajo's Scrap 

and also this one

Used Sunshine Girl by Flergs and Zoe Pearne, Wordart by Romajo's Scrap

Her second kit is called Tiny Alpha.  It is a beautiful alpha set with gold letters. 

Here is another layout on which I used both kits. 
Used Sunshine Girl by Flergs and Zoe Pearne, Crazy Stitches and Sweetness Scatters by Flergs. Express Yourself Vol. 1 and Tiny Alpha from Romajo's Scrap

And because I know that the US is celebrating Memorial Day this weekend, I have created a freebie for it. (image is linked)

or click HERE

And just before you go, I have a sneak peek of Marieke's next kit.  

I am off to bed.  I hope that you enjoy the freebie, and continue to have a terrific weekend.


Friday, May 25, 2012

More Roses for Momma

It's Friday!   Don't you just love short weeks.  And if you last through this long post there is a freebie at the end of it.  (There is also the opportunity for you to get some free items if you read through it all and not just skip to the end)

Tammy from Mommy Me Time Scrapper is the Featured Designer this week (May 25-31) over at Stuff to Scrap.  The good part for you is that for this week she is putting her entire store on sale for 50% off.

 She also has a new kit being released today, and it is also 50% off this week.  It is called More Roses for Momma.  This is an entire new kit to match the kit Roses for Momma that was a collaboration between Mommy Me Time Scrapper and Growing Pains Scrapped. 

Take a Look.  There is a freebie!

More Roses for Momma

It is the perfect kit to scrap all of the flowers that are blooming.  I also learned that the Rose is the national flower of the United States.  And what a better time to learn that on their Memorial Day Weekend!

She also has a quick page pack, and a stacked papers and clusters pack.  Which you could get for free if you play along with the Featured Designer challenges. (They are also on sale in the store if you don't want to do the challenges)

The quick page pack can be won by creating a layout using any of Mommy Me Time Scrapper's current kits and posting that layout at STS.  (Remember if you need something new that her store is on for 50% off)

The Stacked Papers and Clusters Pack can be won by taking the clues given in the STS forum, and finding kits in which they are located. 

To go to the Featured Designer Thread in the STS forum click HERE

Here is what I did with this kit.  It is of my Mom, and how when she came back to visit even the garden centers became hers.

(I used templates by Jeanye Labaya Designs)

The freebie is coming....and if you head on over to Mommy Me Time Scrapper's blog, she will have where you can find more freebies posted.  YAY for freebies!  And without any further waiting here is what I created using More Roses for Momma:

The image is linked (or you can click HERE)  I have switched to Dropbox, so it should be a direct download. 

Thank you for sticking with me to the end.  Have a terrific weekend.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Memorial Day Sale

This weekend the United States celebrates Memorial Day.  And in honour of that STS is having a Memorial Day Sale.  Be sure to check it out.  (image is linked)


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

$2 Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone.  What a long weekend that was.  Really warm temperatures, just a touch of rain, and fireworks being set off all over town.  And now it feels like Monday, with everyone dragging their feet.  And speaking of that, I am a little later posting this post.  Partly my fault, and partly that of the internet service last night not letting me upload or download anything. 

It being Tuesday means that it is $2 Tuesday over at Stuff to Scrap.  Mommy Me Time Scrapper has the kit I am a Robot, and the I am a Robot Quick Pages on for $2.  (Images are linked)  I had some fun playing with this kit and ended up making a two page spread from the Speed Scrap instructions (May 20)

And here are the layouts that I made:

And now its time for breakfast.  Just remember that the sale is for today only.   So I just peeked in the store, and there are 46 kits all for $2!  It looks like breakfast will have to wait.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Victoria Day

Happy Victoria Day!!

I am just taking a break from being in the sun to tell you about a chat that is happening tonight.  The Scrappy Kat is having her Featured Designer Chat tonight.

(In case you miss this part in the picture, everyone attending will receive a gift and get a chance to win a custom created kit by The Scrappy Kat!)

Okay..... back to the sun.  Hope to "see" some of you tonight.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Long Weekend Events

I can't remember a time at the moment where I have been emotionally tired but not physically.  My Mom left to go back home on Tuesday.  :(  I will miss her, and it will be at least a year before I will see her again.  My Brain on the other hand has decided it has had enough.  We were so busy visiting people (and had a few 12 hour road trips) and worrying about certain people.  My Grandmother had a hip replacement (She is home and doing well now), and my sister had pneumonia 3 times in the past 7 weeks (each time in ICU) and is waiting to see a specialist.  But I am surprised that I can walk at the moment.  I have not been able remember anything.  It was like it shut down for a long nap but forgot to tell the rest of my body.   Thankfully it is now starting to come back. 

And with that, I have a few things to tell you.  The first is that Stuff to Scrap has another birthday chat this Saturday.  (Saturday, May 19th 6 PM PST / 7 PM MST/ 8 PM CST/ 9 PM EST)  This one is hosted by Sarah of In The Small Things and are always fun, and there will even be prizes.

The other thing that is happening this weekend is a Speed Scrap. 

And this is the prize if you finish your layout in time.

I am heading out to enjoy this nice sunshine.   I hope that you have a wonderful night, and a terrific long weekend!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wow!  Its Tuesday already.  Am I the only one thinking that the days are moving to fast?  There is some good news too.  It means that it is $2 Tuesday over at Stuff to Scrap, and there is always such a variety of things there every week.  Today Mommy Me Time Scrapper has a kit called Farewell my Summer Love on sale for $2. (Image is linked to the store) 

And just a reminder that Too Dancy is on sale for 30% off for this week only.  Here is a preview of the bundle available. (Image is linked)

That's it for me today.  My Mom has been visiting for a while, and is leaving later on today.   So I am spending today with her.  Have a great day!


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Too Dancy

Happy Monday.  I hope that everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day.  I was lucky enough to have my Mom visiting and got to spend the day with her. 

I also have a first today.  I am giving away my VERY FIRST FREEBIE!!!!!   But first you have to take a look at this kit.  It is perfect for all of your little dancers - but can also be used for other occasions. 

This kit is called Too Dancy, designed by Mommy Me Time Scrapper.  Each part is also 30% off for this week. Including a bundle that contains everything!  (Click on the pictures to be taken to the store)

And then she has created this additional packs.


Worn Papers

Glitter Papers

And even an alpha pack

 And a pack of Quick Pages (also 30% off this week)

And now for the favourite part of many.  The freebies.   Tammy (Mommy Me Time Scrapper) has a freebie on her blog, and also a list of everyone else who has freebies to give away.  Please give everyone a chance to get them posted, as we are all in different timezones.  Click HERE to go to Mommy Me Time Scrappers blog. 

And here is my freebie. Click the frame to download.  (Yes my fingers are crossed that I did this right, and you will be able to download it.  If for some reason it does not work please let me know)

I had some fun with this kit.  Here are the layouts I created with it.

Have a great Monday.  And don't forget that this kit is 30% off all week.