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Can you believe that there are only 9 days left in April?  Am I the only one thinking that time is going by too fast?  I remember as a child time seemed to move so slow.  I could use a couple of those days now.  Marieke of Romajo is ahead of the month and has her April P12 kit releasing today. 


I am continuing to summarize the months on my layouts as these kits come out.  It is a great way to sum up the month without having to worry about photos.  If I have them great, and if not then there is usually something that happened.  The font on my layout is quite small and hard to read so I have summed up what is on there below.  I also created April’s cluster for you, and if you would like it you can downloaded by clicking on the preview below.  For more freebies head on over to the Romajo blog by clicking HERE.

Romajo - P12 - April - AprilRomajo - P12 - April - Cluster Freebie Preview

April has been a weird month.  We had enough rain, freezing rain and ice to break huge branches in the trees in town, and enough sun to give me a sunburn!  Construction season is in full swing.  The street I live on is getting torn up and worked on this summer.  Much to my disappointment we discovered that they are redoing the street behind us this spring.  So from April – August we will have a lot of noise and shaking as they do their job.  The worst things is that unless it is raining we can’t even open the windows because of all of the dirt flying around.  It is going to be a long spring/summer!   My car has decided to be a pain and will put on the battery and brake warning lights on whenever it wants to.  Nothing seems to be wrong though.   I have been trying to use a CPAP machine.  It was suggested that I try it since my blood oxygen level drops. I am having a sleep study done to find out if it was helping.  Last time I slept for 34 minutes, and since I didn’t sleep last night, I am really hoping that I can sleep tonight.  To top things off, I found out I get to get tests done for my heart the day before my birthday…. yippee! 

So enough of all of the bad things April brought me.  How is your April going? 


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