Saturday, August 24, 2013

Grandma’s Attic


Since I haven’t had any distractions, I have taken this time to sort through a lot of the “unseen” things that I own.  You know the stuff that is in the basement, attic, or just the back of the closet.  One thing I found was the suit my Grandmother wore on her wedding day.  It still smells like her even though she has been gone for 14 years now.  Smell is such a powerful sense.  I was instantly brought back to her house.  Seen her smile.

I was happy to work with MDK Scraps newest kit, Grandma’s Attic.  You can currently find both the kit and the quickpages for 40% off for a limited time.  The previews are linked directly to the store.


Grandma's Attic - Quickpages

Since I had taken her suit out, I took some pictures of it.  I combined those photos with their wedding photos on my layout. 

MDK Scraps - Grandma's Attic - The Suit


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