Monday, April 16, 2012

My Mother is visiting for 7 weeks, and while I love having her here, I have noticed that I have less time to scrapbook.  She is visiting my sister for a few days, so I have done a few layouts.  I have come across some cute word art done by Grands9Creations, and I had immediately thought of my Nephews.  However tonight went I started with them, things went in a different direction.   Here is what I scrapped.

I used the "Can you talk to the animals" wordart from grands9creations, which you can find here.   Along with her beautiful word art, I used a collaboration between The Scrappy Kat and Mommy Me Time Scrapper, called Who Built the Ark.

On this layout I got my inspiration from the original word from Grands9Creations.  I just loved the idea of the animals trying to find out what we wrote about them.  So inspired by that I wrote up a letter of caution about my cat.  (who in fact was over 30 pounds, and would actually sleep on my chest.)  Here is the link to the wordart -- in which both are free!  For the rest of the layout, I used a kit called Rocky Paws by Digilicious.  This was the first digital kit I bought (December 2011), and still love using it.   As of the time of this post, she has the bundle on sale for 65% off.

The wind is howling outside, so I am off to curl up and watch a movie.



  1. Oh my gosh your layouts are beautiful. I absolutely love the one with the cats, as I am very partial to the "cats" of the world. I will send you another layout I did way back when of our cat, Bastet. I miss him terribly. He was an outdoor cat and when we moved to Iowa (as he was already twelve years old) we knew he wouldn't survive here. One of our old neighbors gave him a home. Thank you so much for featuring my site, it means so much to me. And again, your layouts are gorgious!!!! Hugs, Sue

  2. You can find the colored pencil drawing I did of our cat, Bastet on April 13th under the post of "Cat's Personality". Hugs, Sue