Thursday, January 30, 2014

It’s Winter Out


It’s Winter Out!  Okay I am not exactly stating the obvious.  It’s Winter Out is the next winter collaboration by Mommy Me Time Scrapper and The Scrappy Kat.  It is filled with all of the fun activities of winter.  Hockey, snowmen, sledding, warming by a fire, its all there.   You can find this collaboration as well as the quickpage pack on sale for 40% off for a limited time.  The previews below are linked to each store.

mmts_tsk_iwo_SNPpreview_fullIt's Winter Out - Quickpages

I have been busy scanning old photographs and I had happened to come across the following set of photos.  They are back when my father was a child.  They lived on a farm, on a road that rarely got ploughed. (think maybe three times the entire winter!)  The snow and snowdrifts were so high.  I am secretly, okay not so secretly hoping I do not see that much snow ever unless it is on a ski hill!

MMTS & TSK - Its Winter Out - 1959 pg1MMTS & TSK - Its Winter Out - 1959 pg2

Those hills were the inspiration for my freebie.  If you would like it, simply click on the preview below.

MMTS & TSK - Its Winter Out - Border Freebie Preview

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