Friday, January 24, 2014

P12 2014 - January


I am posting this post a little early.  The kits below this one will be available until about 4-5am EST Saturday, but I seen that her new release from last week is still currently free in her store, so I wanted to give you some time to pick it up for free if you want it and haven’t grabbed it yet.


Now on to Saturdays new release.  (As said above I am posting this a bit early, so if it is not in her store yet please check back after 6am EST)  I want to show you P12-2014 – January by Romajo.  This she she has started out with one colour palette for her entire 2014 series with.  (And don’t think for a second that there will be a shortage of colour!)  Today January’s Monthly kit is being released, as well as a pack of solid papers that include all of the colours.

P12-Romajo-Jan14-previewP12-Romajo-Basic14-preview-solids (1)

I have taken the advice from a friend, and I have started photographing Lego figures.  I must say it is quite a change from real people.  They stay where I put them (mostly), no complaining, and are available 24/7!  I ending up buying a yeti back in November and had set him aside since there wasn’t anything snowy outside yet.  Well come the end of December and through January he has been hard working.  I loved using this kit to scrap a favourite photo of mine.  He is buried in the snow that had arrived.  I also have some freebies for you.  I made the following journal card in both portrait and landscape to suit your needs.  You can download them by clicking on the preview below.

Romajo - P12 2014 January - Snow DayRomajo - P12 2014 January - January Freebie Preview(Template: Scrap by Numbers 1 by AK Designs, Font: Brock Script)

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