Friday, May 31, 2013

Glam Girl


For this kit, Glam Girl, Katie Creates teamed up with Truman Studios.   It is for those children (and adults) that like to get dressed up, put some make up on and strike a pose.  You can find this kit at both MScraps and GingerScraps by clicking the link UNDER the preview. (If you haven’t heard the announcement from MScraps and Scrapflower, they have combined their personal stores, and can be found at MScraps.  You will be able to find CU products only now at Scrapflower.  If you would like some more information, you can find the announcement on the blog, HERE.


@MScraps                         @Gingerscraps

I came across this picture of my niece being quite content with sitting and playing with a string of pearls.

Katie Creates - Glam Girl - Pearls


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