Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fireworks for Freedom and Bonjour Bastille


You are just in time for another Red, White and Blue release from Romajo.  This week she has traveled to the United States, and France in her designing.  She also has two more Red, White and Blue paper packs added to the store.  You can pick up these new releases for 50% off until Friday Night.  ($1.50 for the mini kits, and $1 for the paper packs.)  Here they are:



I have been to France once when I was 10 years old. We were visiting family in England and took a day trip by boat over to Boulogne. I was the only one who could speak any French. – Thanks to French Immersion in school –  It was fun trying to see if I could speak and understand it correctly.  Thankfully most people there spoke English so there were no big mix ups.  I have been to the United States a few times.  I have family in Windsor and we would cross the border and do some shopping.  I don’t have pictures from then though.  I have however taken a cruise which left from New York.  I must say I would not like to drive there…..EVER!  I know that they are good drivers, but things were a little too fast, to swervy (not a real word, but it is the only one that comes to mind!) and a little too close to other cars, and pedestrians.  I did manage to take some photos, and some of them actually turned out!  Here are my layouts:

Romajo - Bonjour Bastille - FranceRomajo - Fireworks for Freedom - What a View

I can’t wait to see where our adventure leads to next weekend. 


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