Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Everything Nice

My fourth great niece was born back in October, 7 weeks early.  She couldn't breathe on her own, yet was otherwise healthy.   She jumped that hurtle and started breathing on her own the next day.   Then she got jaundice.   So under the lights she went.   And once that was under control she still needed to learn how to eat, or rather drink.   They guessed that she would be in NICU for at least a month when she was first born, and yet she fought and fought, and was released from hospital two weeks after her early arrival.    Her name is Savanna, and she has already shown just how strong she is.

I got to see her for the first time last month.   And to hold her.   She is still so tiny, yet is growing healthily.  At the time she was only opening her eyes when she was hungry, and I was lucky enough to be there to catch a glimpse of her dark blue eyes.  

I was taking a look through Bella Gypsy's store over at The Lilypad, and this collection just jumped out at me as the perfect kit to scrap the photos from this day.

Here is a look at the collection:

This first layout is of me holding sweet Savanna for the first time.   It is amazing how fast children can tightly grasp your heart. 

And here is a layout of all of the expressions I managed to capture during that short visit. 

While I was there I also got to spend time with one of Savanna's sisters, Serena.  Here are the two of us reading a story.  Serena would help me find and count the animals.   She loves to read, and to be read to.

I love how these turned out, and there is still so much more in the collection to scrap more pages.  


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