Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Little of This, A Little of That

I am sitting here curled up alternating between books and my computer as it snows outside.  It is a bad pain day unfortunately, so my New Years Eve will be quite quiet, which I don't mind really.    I thought I would take this time to show you what I have been scrapping lately.  I would love to also see what you have been scrapping lately.   Feel free to show me in the comments. 

Boy Zone was perfect for layouts featuring Declyn, my great nephew.   I really loved the strong colours, and that it was full of boyish elements.   Lots of gears, stars and word strips.

                  Tinci Designs                                                          Scrapping with Liz
Font:  DJB Tweenybopper

Live Love Sparkle caught my eye because the shades of pink and purple, as well as the theme.  My great niece Serena (in the first layout) is quite and shy when you first meet her, but once she has time to know you the smiles come out.   I loved this photo of her with her huge smiling face, and I knew that the word art "Don't let anyone ever dull your Sparkle" was perfect for it.   I really love how everything came together.   For the second layout I dug into the vault and found some photos of Serena's Mom when she was little.   I love how the sun softened the photos and made them glow.  I knew that they would also work well with this kit.

                  Tinci Designs                                                             Designs

Live Love Sparkle Bundle at the Lilypad

The Christmas, YAY Bundle really spoke to me this Christmas.   Also included in this bundle is the Christmas, UGH kit.    It really summed up what I was feeling this year.   Part of me was just waiting for Christmas to be over.   I had gotten some bad news the day before Christmas Eve, and I couldn't stop it from seeping into Christmas.   It was also my great niece, Savanna, first Christmas.  She and her Mom had a scary delivery two months ago, which almost lost them both, so she really is a healthy Christmas miracle.   Both her and her Mom are doing so much better, although her Mom is dealing with postpartum depression.

                  Created by Jill                                                           Scrap Art
Font:  DJB Its Full of Dots                                        Font:  Kaitlyn 

My Dad celebrated his birthday the end of November.   On that day I forgot my camera! (I don't think I have been anywhere without one of my cameras in a number of years.   My cell was even left at home.)  So I called him and asked him to get a photo of him with the rest of his cake.   Now I wasn't holding my breath at this request.   90% of the photos I have of him are with his hands across his face, or his hat, or another object.   It is rare to get a photo where you can see his face.  He decided to have some fun with the photos and dug out the LARGEST knife and fork he could find.   He sat down and looks ready to carve a large turkey instead of half of a small birthday cake, and my Uncle took the photos.  I couldn't have asked for better.   It captured his personality perfectly.   The other layout is of my niece with three of her children playing with Snapchat.   How can you not have fun being turned into puppy dogs, and deer!

                  Scrap Art                                                                     Designs
                                                                                    Font:  Kaitlyn

Last but certainly not least, I found a Valentines kit called Loads of Love.   I knew I didn't want to use it for Valentines (at least not yet), but loved the cars, trucks, and tractors in this kit.  My great nephew, Declyn, out grew his crib (by figuring out how to get out of it) and got a big boy CAR bed this Christmas.   He was so excited and so far loves to sleep in it.   Declyn also got a huge car track for Christmas.   This track grows with him, and when it is set up as a tower it is taller than he is.   But it can also be transformed into a lower track.   This kit was perfect for showing them off.

Kit:  Loads of Love by Bella Gypsy                           Kit:  Loads of Love by Bella Gypsy
                  Scrapping with Liz                                                      Dee Dee Designs
Font:  KG Primary Whimsy                                         Font:  DJB Crazy Goofy Cool

So that is what I have been up too, scrapping wise at least.   I wish you a Happy New Year's Eve/New Year's Day, and a full year of memories,


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