Monday, December 19, 2016

Snap Happier and Everybody Loves Christmas

Unless we warm up here, it will definitely be a White Christmas.  We have had snow, snow and more snow, with a touch of rain and freezing rain.    The trees are nicely covered in white, along with everything else.  The roads are yucky for lack of a better word.   With snow squalls and slippery roads there have been many roads closed, and many accidents on the ones that remained open.   My Mom, sister and I went to see the Illusionists on Broadway.  It was a show consisting of seven magicians all of who focused on a different aspect of magic.   It was amazing to see, and I really enjoyed it.

Here is one of the photos I took on the way to see the show.   These are much prettier and sparkly than the scary accidents.

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Here is the kit I used:

I also scrapped two other layouts with this collection so far.   The first is a photo of each of the cats I owned celebrating Christmas, and the second is another layout showing off another of my snowmen.

                   by Scrapping with Liz

I also scrapped some Christmas memories using the latest Snap Happier edition, December 2016.   I loved all of the shades of blue and green together and loved using this kit.  

The first page is of my Christmas tree growing up.   Starting when I started school, my Mom and I would hand make ornaments every year.   Some would go on the tree, some would be donated to those who didn't have a tree, and some we would share with family and friends.  It was to the point where there was not a single branch (front or back) that didn't have something hanging from it.   It was filled with so many memories.

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The second is of my towns Christmas tree.  This is the first time I have gotten a photo of it covered in snow.   It was so pretty.  This is the way I love my snow!

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So as I am posting and showing off some of the things that this time of year brings, I am now asking you....What are some traditions you do this time of year, or memories you have.   They don't have to be Christmas related, but more December related since there are so many celebrations this time of year.


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