Monday, December 12, 2016

Oh What Fun

Since I don't have kids of my own, I have decided to scrap some "Elf" adventures that are happening at a friends house.   (She doesn't know it - at least not yet)  I decided to keep it pretty simple by my standards.  I am going to be using a collection by Bella Gypsy Designs called Oh What Fun to created the book.  I loved the bright colours and variety of patterned papers and elements. 

You can find it HERE

                                          Find it HERE                                     Find it HERE

With the different patterns, I am able to change out the background page to add some variety to the book.   I am also using the Oh What Fun Festivities on these pages to keep track of the day of the month.  Here are two days of their Elf adventures.   If you are interested in seeing the rest, just pop me a note.   I don't want to overload you with 24 days worth unless you want to see them!

Fonts:  DJB Bailey and AR Berkley

I have a kitten who will be celebrating her first Christmas this year.   The first year my older cat, Bumblebee, celebrated her first Christmas I took her to get a photo of her with Santa.   I decided to do the same with Sadie this year.  A local dance studio was offering photos with Santa, and after a few emails, they said that they would also take them with pets.  So I bundled both of them up.   Here are the photos.   Sadie loved Santa's bells and would stare at them, so we got a great photo of her wide eyes.   Bumblebee was a nervous kitty.   She started her visit with Santa by trying to run and hide behind him.   So we tried to keep her "hidden" and just got her head popping out.   Then I tried to get one of my fur-family.   So I hopped into the photo with Bee.   I was trying not to break out laughing as I held Bee.   She was trying to decided whether to climb over my shoulder, or try to hid under Mrs. Claus hat.   Sadie just sat there as if nothing was happening.   I will definitely cherish these photos.....and will most likely skip seeing Santa for a while!

Kit:  Oh What Fun Collection by Bella Gypsy Designs
(On Sale for only $1 for a pack of 4 until December 16th)
Font:  KG When Oceans Rise

I love the wooden distressed papers in this collection!  Also, here is a preview of the template set - You can only find it right now at Gotta Pixel for only $1 for a limited time, but will be available at Digital Scrapbooking Studio (The Studio) at a later date, and I can't say if the price will be that low.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.   We are currently getting snow, lots of snow.   Part of me loves how everything looks covered in white, the other part knows I have to do a bit of traveling today and am a little worried what the roads may be like when I have to leave. 

Until later,

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