Thursday, December 13, 2012

On the First Day of Christmas….


Romajo and Mommy Me Time Scrapper both start their 12 days of freebies! 

Romajo and her CT have created a blog hop.  Everyday from now until Christmas Eve there will be a freebie on one of our blogs.  I will be posting everyday even if I do not have the freebie for the day just so that you know where to go next.  She created this teaser for you.  (And yes that is a kit in the middle!)

Romajo 12 Days Preview

So this being the first day, Marieke, the person behind Romajo, has the first stop.  Todays freebie was made with her kit, Olympic Summer.  Click HERE to go to her blog.


The blog of designer Mommy Me Time Scrapper is also going to be having a freebie available.  It is just for a limited time, so grab it if you want it.  Just click on the preview of the freebie to go to her blog.



I am wondering today, how you survive the holidays?  How do you get through the busyness so you can true enjoy the Christmas Spirit?  I ask this because I was in Walmart today.  People were so rushed and on edge. (and it was not busy.  Each checkout had one to two people waiting)  I could hear complaining about how slow things were moving, or of how much they still had to do.  I am very lucky and except for food I make sure what I need to pick up is done before December.  I find I can truly get caught up in the spirit of Christmas.   So how to you find the calm in a month of busy?


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