Monday, December 16, 2013

Romajo’s 12 Days of Christmas–Day 4


So I had to go to Walmart yesterday.  I grabbed what I went in there for, and decided to check out the Christmas section, and the craft area.  While in the craft area I met a wonderful lady.  I had offered my help in getting a picture frame that was up too high.  It was one of those big ones that hold about 10 pictures.  She explained to me that she has 69 grandchildren and great grandchildren.  I was shocked.  She was looking at the frame and explained that this one frame would not come hear to holding all of the photos that she has, but it was a start.  I thought of the love that she has for her family, and the evidence of their love in her as she talked about them.  That is one of the simplest gifts you can give, but it holds so much. 

So I just wanted to say to make sure you print out your pages, albums, even just prints.  Show them (whomever they are) that you care and treasure these moments.

For Day 4 we are heading back to Marieke’s (Romajo) blog again today.  You might also be interested in taking a look at her facebook page.  (Click HERE)  She currently has at least one freebie there.  (A fan freebie, not one that is a part of the 12 Days of Christmas.)

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