Friday, June 01, 2012

June BAK's at Stuff To Scrap

Another month as passed, and I really don't know where this month went either.  I say that the time is speeding up on me as I am sleeping making days go by before I wake up.  Now if only I could prove that.  I love the beginning of a new month.  I love discovering new challenges online, and of course all of the blog trains out there!  I think it is the accounting part of me kicking in, as it meant that all of the work of month end has finished, and you are all set to move on to the next one.

As for Blog Trains, I know that the one at Stuff to Scrap is taking off today.  I can't wait to see everyones parts.  If you are interested in it, then click HERE to go to their blog. 

This is also the first month showing off some kits that are part of the June Build-a-kit at STS.  Build a kit contains several packs all with the same colour palate.  So you can pick and choose which parts you want (or just grab all of them) and end up with a customized kit.  Here is everything that came out today.

 I got to play with the portions by Leaving a Legacy Designs, and Mommy Me Time Scrapper.  Here is what I created:

       Mommy Me Time Scrapper.          Using parts from both Mommy Me
                                                             Time Scrapper and Leaving a 
                                                             Legacy Designs.

                                Leaving a Legacy Designs.

Here is a closer look at all of the parts.

 Leaving a Legacy Designs:

Mommy Me Time Scrapper:

I love this type of idea as it lets you pick out exactly what you want, and they mix and match so well.  As for me, I am getting ready to go out to night.  Not sure where yet, although Chapters is on the list.  It is finally raining (Thanks Sue, the rain dance must have worked!) and my garden is soaking up everything it can.  Have a great weekend, and I will be back tomorrow with a new kit to show you.



  1. Come see my two freebies I'd did today!!! They'll keep you chuckling. Our rain amounted to 1/2 inch totals .... we are still 2.8 INCHES SHORT FOR THIS TIME. My flowers are kind of smiling and the grass is screaming ... what do you call that!!!! Can't you see, that was only a sip. Hugs, Sue

  2. Oh my gosh .... now please don't send that downpour this way. I know I want some rain ... I think I better be careful calling all those rain gods like I have. Hugs, Sue