Friday, June 15, 2012

Never Fear, Super Dad is Here

Before I start I just want to say, that I am addicted to my computer!  I am not on it a lot.  However when it was away getting fixed I was grieving my time away from it.  (Sad huh?)   The good news is that it IS fixed, and working better than ever.  so now I can tell you all about this SUPER kit.

Do you have an amazing Dad, Husband or Grandfather?  Then I have the perfect kit for you!  Leaving a Legacy Designs has a new kit out: Never Fear, Super Dad's Here. This kit is huge with over 70 elements, over 30 papers and an upper case alpha with numbers and a lot of symbols!  You can also grab a set of Father's Day cards.  Be sure to stop by her Facebook page today to pick up a fun bragbook set as well, as well as her Blog for the location of more free stuff.  Now how about a look at this amazing kit!

Do you need a fun Father's Day card for Dad? *Here are a set that would be perfect for Father's Day or to print off and hide in his car, in his wallet, mail to him at work...doesn't have to be Father's day to tell him he is Da' Bomb! The Brag Book pages can be found as a freebie on the Leaving a Legacy Designs Facebook page

 When I took a look through this kit, what jumped out at me was the versatility of it.  To show you what I mean, here are two layouts that I created using this kit.  As you can see they are definitely different! 

  Pretty incredible.  When I thought about making a freebie for you the first thing that came to mind was a frame with a comic look.  As I kept going though I  changed my thought a little.  Not only does Amazing, and One of a Kind apply to the men in our life, but it also applies to fireworks!!  So I kept that in mind and I created this:  (click on the preview or click HERE to download)

 Here is wishing all of the Dad's and Grandfathers, and anyone that plays that role, a Happy Father's Day.


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