Thursday, March 28, 2013



I am so happy that it is Friday.  I have spent so much time in doctors waiting rooms that I have almost finished crocheting a 24 inch tall stuffed animal.  (Just the eyes, ears and nose left)  Any guesses on what it might be?


Someday when my dreams will come true.  Snow White was the inspiration for Mommy Me Time Scrapper and Growing Pains Scrapped next princess inspired kit.  You can find it currently for 40% off, but don’t wait to long as this is only for a limited time.

SomewhereSomeday - Glitter and cardstockGPS_MMTS_Someday_PreviewQP

I loved all of the woodland elements in this kit and used it to scrap my new neighbours.  I also created a large border for you.  You can download it by clicking on the preview below.

Mommy Me Time Scrapper - Someday - Woodland Neighbours Pg1Mommy Me Time Scrapper - Someday - Woodland Neighbours Pg2Mommy Me Time Scrapper - Someday - Border Freebie Preview

Have a wonderful Friday,


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  1. This is fantastic! THANKS so much!