Saturday, January 12, 2013

Just Chill


Do you have snow where you are?  Or are you dreaming for some to come?  Personally, the snow can stay away.  We have been having warmer weather with the sun out, and I don’t want that to disappear again into the gray of winter.  But there is an upside.  If it snows, I don’t feel bad about staying inside and scrapping!  Leaving a Legacy Designs has put a new kit into her store.  It is called Just Chill.  I love that she created the seal, penguin, polar bear and igloo herself and are truly unique.  Plus they are cute!

These are both 30% off this week, however if you head over to the Leaving a Legacy Designs facebook page (Click HERE) you can grab the word arts for free!  This is a limited time offer so be sure to grab them.

I found some pictures back from 2008.  We definitely had snow that year.  We were running out of places to put it, while still keeping the sidewalks, and cars cleared.

Leaving a Legacy Designs - Just Chill - Brr

I missed out on a crop last night, thanks to the weather, and the pain.  Between the glare of the rain, and the fog, it just wasn’t safe for me to drive.  I am so sad.  The good news is that I have nothing planned for today yet.  So scrapping here I come.  hmmm maybe I will have breakfast first.  What are you up to today?


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